Clowns in the Sky. A great little charity that helps children all across the country with their hospital treatment for brain tumours. Raising money to provide activity trolleys for those who can’t get out of bed, and activity packs for the playroom. Treatment for brain tumours can be a long drawn out process, so having something for the children to do while they’re in hospital is an excelent idea. There’s so much this little charity does, check it out at and read their heartbreaking story of their daughter Jennifer, and how the charity was set up in her memory.

This is me running the London 10k in 2019, to raise some money for Clowns in the Sky, a great little charity.

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. This is a great charity set up by Professor Ray Donnelly around 1990, Roy Castle became involved in 1993 and the ‘Tour of Hope’ went around the UK in 1994, but as Roy Castle said “This is not for me, it is for our children and our childrens children.”. I remember him on the tv programn ‘The Record Breakers’, and his relentless energy, he wouldn’t stop, and he has some world records of his own, one is the most taps in a minute, as in Tap dancing, and his record still stands today, it was 24 taps a second for a minute, amazing. And his musical instrument talent was unbelieveable too, he could play so many instruments, but play them all so well. But as he toured and played in so many clubs, the smoke inside them finally got to him and he was diagnosed with lung cancer, but that was when he got involved in a campaign to promote awareness of lung cancer, the ‘Tour of Hope’ and managed to raise an amazing one million pounds in just three days. Roy Castle died on 2nd September 1994, but his legacy lives on and is thriving, and helping so many people with lung cancer, you can read more at, and like Roy Castle use to say “you need dedication”. I got involved with the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation after my daughter Lib tagged me in a post about sharing your story, and I replied that I would like to do this, then Rachel replied to me explaining how we go about doing this, and I ended up telling my story in Liverpool, and we had a photo shoot, and met lots of lovely people, from the Foundation and other cancer patients telling their stories, all for a new campaign coming out in November this year. The photos below are 1. from the website with Roy Castle and his amazing energy, raising one million pounds in three days on the ‘Tour of Hope’. 2. This is the magazine the Foundation produces, and Eileen was there and a lovely lady. 3. Theres me in Liverpool getting ready to tell my story hoping it will help some people on their journey with lung cancer.

Macmillan. This is a great cancer charity, as they help so many people with any cancer, if you need to know anything try Macmillan, the few times I’ve been in touch with these they have all been really helpful. Their website is a very welcoming place and you can navigate to the information your looking for very easily. These photos are from the tshirt we got from Clowns in the Sky and then wrote Macmillan on the sleeve, it came out quite well I thought. 2. a sceenshot of their website, very easy to get around and find what your looking for.3. another screenshot of their ‘Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning’, they have many really good fundraising ideas.

Believe 100% you will beat it. Go Vegan. Take CBD oil. Have chemo.


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