Welcome To My World.

Hi, and welcome to my world, this is the website of ‘Don’t Be Afraid Of Lung Cancer’, run by me David James. I was diagnosed with lung cancer after going into hospital with breathing difficulties, and having a biopsy on a lump, “A nasty looking lump in your right lung” as it was said to me, this was diagnosed as stage 4 and could not be cured, but could be managed, treated and you can live with it. Doesn’t sound as bad as I had prepared myself for. Always expect the worst, and you’ll never be disappointed. But after a PET scan and a Bone scan, the diagnosis was upgraded to “It’s spread further than we thought, and it will kill you in the end.” And being given an average of a year to live. The way this was told to us, my wife Sonia and me, just got my back up, and I can be a stubborn git at times, so if someone asks me to do something I’ll do it, but tell me to do it in an arrogant rude manner, then you can shove it, I ain’t doing it! And that includes dying from lung cancer! 5 months after this diagnosis and my cancer is dormant, I put this down to going vegan and having a 100% positive attitude, also taking CBD oil and having the chemo that was prescribed for me by my oncologist. This is not the full story of my journey with lung cancer, that’s in my book I’m writing and hopefully will be out by the new year or shortly afterwards. This is my blog about things that wind me up, things that I love doing, and just about life in general. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and have a look at my website. Take care and Don’t Be Afraid Of Lung Cancer.

2 thoughts on “Welcome To My World.”

  1. Hello Dave, It was great to meet you last Tuesday and hear your story of your journey through your illness – I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Catch up with you soon. Jacqui James BHR1287 (Basildon Hospital Radio)


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Believe 100% you will beat it. Go Vegan. Take CBD oil. Have chemo.


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